Vincent Van den Bergh

About me

I am a 21 years old male student from Belgium with an ongoing passion for filmmaking and photography. With this website I hope to create an extensive portfolio which will contain my progress on ongoing projects, activities and other interests of mine. This portfolio is mainly for myself with the intention to store my projects on a website so I will, later on have a structured list of the things I have done.

I am currently following a course of filmmaking at RITS, a university for audio visual and performing arts, founded in 1962, and located in the heart of Brussels. The school teaches disciplines in directing for film, television, documentary, animation and radio. These 4 years programs combine a theoretical base with courses in directing skills.

I've always had a passion for filmmaking and photography, this mixed with the love of abstract art. I've always loved to watch movies, but a few years back I have learned how to watch movies trough the eye of the camera, analyze camera movements, study the continuity and search for the underlying messages or theme's in a movie. Nowadays I watch movies in a completely different way.